How to Add Your Consultant to Your Google Ads Account

If you know me, you know that I advocate that you control your marketing technology stack and never give over control of your accounts to digital marketing consultants or agencies. Instead, invite them to your accounts.  That way you never have to track down someone to get access to your own tools and it makes it easier to switch digital marketing service providers. Some agencies will balk at this, but if they do, you may want to reconsider working with them.

Note: What follows assumes you have already set up your AdWords account (not an AdWords Express account) and are using the new interface.

Here's how to add your digital marketing consultant to your AdWords Account:

1. Log into your AdWords account, click on settings (the wrench icon) and then Account access.

2. When you click on Account access a window will open with two tabs: Users and Managers. Stay under Users and then click on the big blue plus sign to add a user. 

3. Enter the access level you want to give your consultant. For most consultants that will be "Standard." Then enter the email of who you would like to invite to your AdWords account. Then click on Send Invitation.

Your consultant will get an email inviting them to your account and depending on the access level you gave them can edit campaigns (Standard) or just view results (Read only). For more on access levels, Google is the best resource.