How to Add Your Consultant to Your Facebook Ad Account

You finally have help - a digital marketing consultant. The next step is setting them up to do their best work.  But you also need to keep some control. That means you don't want to share your login and password. Instead, add your digital marketing consultant to your Facebook Ad Manager account.  It's easy. Here are the steps. [The directions below assume you have a Facebook page for your business or service and that your consultant has a Facebook account. Both things are required.]

1. Log into your Facebook account that is connected to your business Facebook page and send a friend request to your consultant.

2. Once your consultant has accepted your friend request, log back into the Facebook account that is connected to your business Facebook page, click on the arrow in the upper right hand corner, and then click on Manage Ads.

3. Then click on the three line menu symbol in the upper left hand corner.

4. Then click on Ad Account Settings under Settings.

5. You'll see a page with a menu on the left that includes Account Roles. Click on Account Roles.

6. There on the right you will see a plus sign and Add a User. Click on the plus sign and a box will pop up where you can invite your consultant.

That's it. After the engagement is done, you can remove them from your account by going back to the Account Roles page and deleting them.

This will give your consultant the ability to edit and set up ad campaigns and the billing will be under your account.  This does not give them the ability to edit your Page.

If you have more than one consultant working for you or your consultant is an agency or business with multiple employees, you should set up Facebook Business Manager instead.